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Washing cip with 1/2/3 tanks●

The system entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, on a frame made on tubular, facilitating movement. With this system we guarantee that the brewhouse and the fermenters are cleaned of organic and inorganic contaminants. The CIP washing system allows you to clean the internal surfaces of pipes, tanks, equipment, filters and related fittings without disassemble it. Furthermore, the trolley equipment allows maximum mobility of the entire structure.


The washing system is equipped with resistances for managing the temperature of the water in the tank containing the alkaline solution allowing to increase the efficiency of the cleaning process. Thanks to the washing cip, there will be a considerable saving of soap, soda, acid and so on, because once the solution is sent from the first tank to the fermenter or container to be cleaned, the valves of the tanks can be closed and the system can be used in “recycling” function. At the end of descaling, the “recovery” tube will be connected and the solution will be recovered, for possible reuse.


*Upon request, we can build the plant with variable capacity tanks, with variable power pumps.