400 lt brewhouse

The 400 L beer brewhouse is the ideal model for farms, pubs and restaurants that want to offer their customers a small beer production.

Also suitable for those who want to take the first steps in this area, it is a plant that can be useful to test new recipes or to train students of courses organized by schools or universities in the brewing sector.

Very compact b brewhouse, suitable for the production of any type of beer, easy to install and use.

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HEATING: flame or electric.

Flame version made with a special cavity to guarantee a uniform heating of the tank and flue to extract the combustion exhaust fumes.

Tanks are made with certified steel, using oversized sheet metal shims to guarantee strength and durability over time.

STRUCTURE: support in stainless steel AISI 304 with adjustable feet.

The brewhouse is equipped according to the PLC configuration for the semi-automatic management of the production cycle.

Must transfer pump managed by inverter.

The mixer ensures perfect mixing and thanks to its configuration allows the end of the production cycle, a simple removal to facilitate access to the tank and its cleaning.

Filtration tank equipped with a rectangular door with removable slide, to facilitate the expulsion of exhausted threshers.

Plate exchanger in AISI 304, with high coefficient of exchange, simplicity and safety in sanitization and possibility of maintaining the exchanger through suitable regeneration of the plate pack.

The system is already fully prepared for operation, after connection to the power line and the water supply.

The Enobeer Easy line offers various configuration possibilities, based on the needs:

400 A 400 B with 3 TANKS 400 lt double-batch semi-professional
TANK 1 (mashing/boiling)

TANK 2 (filtration/whirlpool)

Boiler separately

TANK 1 (mashing)

TANK 2 (filtration)

TANK  3 (boiling/whirlpool)

Boiler separately

TANK 1 (mashing/filtration)

TANK 2 (boiling/whirlpool)

TANK 3 (boiler for hot water storage)