Gravity and depression fillers made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for filling food liquids.

Available versions:

– vacuum

– gravitation

  • 4 filling heads
  • 6 filling heads
  • with wheels
  • desk type with adjustable feet

The filling heads are adjustable and completely extractable for a complete and fast sanification through a semi-automatic washing system.

Made of stainless steel with a closing valve, it is installed directly on the structure of our filler and allows quick and efficient washing of all filling heads and of the entire filling circuit, without having to proceed with dismantling.

Video on sanification on “Video” (click here) in “Riempitrice a gravitazione”.

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  • Gravitation fillers

Level sensor available in mechanical version, made entirely in stainless steel, both in the electronic version, including a control panel to control external pump. All models are supplied with stainless steel valves, bottle height adjustable supports, level marker, provision for filter installation (only on models in the high version). On request it is possible to equip the machine with filling pump (model Enos 20 in stainless steel/ EURO 20 with rubber impeller) and filter boxes of 20×20 steel frame.

On the demand the filling heads are available for bottle opening diameter 60mm and height level 120mm.


4 filling heads desk type 670 580x1070x500 38
4 filling heads 670 580x1800x500 45
6 filling heads 980 860x1800x650 80


  • Available nitrogen saturation valve inside the bottle before filling. Easy to use, only requires connection with a nitrogen container. Adaptable on any container. To watch the video of the valve, please click here and then click on “Valve for nitrogen injection”.
  • Vacuum filler

Designed entirely in stainless steel with high quality components appropiate for intensive use. The machine is equipped with an electrical vacuum system inside the containers, in order to create a delicate aspiration of the liquid to be filled without the use of pumps and oxidation problems.

The machine is designed to keep the air intake and product priming circuits separate, allowing precise and continuous aspirations over time.

The filling speed is easily adjustable by means of the special digital display and the vacuum regulator: in a few moments it is possible to set the desired vacuum level for each product, precisely identifying the value to be set on the machine.

Large storage tank equipped with stainless steel float, automatic shut-off system in case of overflow, stainless steel exhaust valve.

Electrical safety system with electrical protection to prevent unwanted re-start of the machine. Table top for bottles adjustable in height, with adjustable inclination to facilitate filling operations. Filling level adjustable quickly with the appropriate stainless steel ferrule and the possibility to select taper gaskets of various sizes, or flat for satin fills.

Standard equipment:

  • digital adjustment display
  • 4 pivots Ø 15 mm with level adjustment
  • pipes in food material with quick couplings for immediate emptying
  • attacks ?? 1.5 “clamp for product aspiration and circuit emptying, DIN 15 connections for emptying filling nozzles
  • adjustable support surface
  • electrical system with block disconnector
  • adjustable feet
  • lifting handles

Available options:

  • stainless steel trolley
  • semi-automatic system for cleaning the nippers
  • increased conical gaskets, flat gaskets.