Freestanding – Compact

The brewhouse COMPACT FREESTANDING from 6 – 12 – 16 hectoliters is the ideal model for experts in the sector: microbreweries, wineries, farms wishing to start in the world of high quality craft beer with low production costs.

Its configuration is especially suitable for premises that have limited space for installation.

The system configuration is flexible so as to satisfy any production requirement.

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The brewhouse has a production capacity per batch 6-12-16 hL of must finished at 15 ° P with an average yield of 85%, has a very low degree of oxidation of hot must and requires a reduced use of chemical products for sanitization.

It is very compact, simple in management.

The plant provides a flame-steam power supply.

Tanks made with certified steel, using oversized sheet metal shims to guarantee strength and durability over time.

It is made up:
-a flame / steam heating boiler with a stirring system that allows to make the mashing, boiling and whirlpool phases in the same tank
-a separate tank where only the filtration of the threshers with sparging takes place

– a boiler-sparging tank
– a group of pumps
– a system of flexible pipes for product displacement.

Mashing/Boiling/Whirlpool tank

FLAME HEATING: The boiler is heated by a high-power burner made to measure with a modulating control valve, heat propagation gap and combustion smoke extraction chimney.
STEAM HEATING: The boiler is steam heated through a TRAPCOLD jacket on the bottom and on the cylinder, to guarantee a homogeneity of the temperature inside the tank.
Inside the boiler there are no grids and therefore the mash is free: in this way there are no stagnation zones (for example under grids) but the mash is uniformly mixed with an optimal heat exchange for a high extraction and a saccharification fast.
The agitator ensures perfect mixing and thanks to its configuration allows
its lifting during the boiling and whirlpool phase, equipped with a special safety and positioning sensor
The whirlpool is made without moving the must, recirculating the must after boiling with the pump via a tangential entrance

Filtration tank

Filtration tank with conical bottom is made separate from the boiler to be low and wide as needed to have a large filtering surface and a height of the reduced bed of thresher, equipped with a rectangular door with removable slide, to facilitate the expulsion of exhausted thresh .
Optional: we supply the accessory cutter that improves the performance and simplifies the filtration and discharge phases of the threshers.
A full-body grid with a thick thick waterjet, with a trapezoidal cut, guarantees maximum yield, strength and cleanliness.
Optional: double filtration level rods that serve to provide a clear indication of the internal situation of the filter, allowing the brewer to manage the phase with maximum yield and maximum possible speed.

Must pump

Must transfer pumps managed by inverter with aisi 316 impeller, which meets the specific needs, hot liquids, sugars, with solid parts and detergents, mounted on a trolley with independent management panel.
Optional: we provide CSF pump with removable open impeller in AISI 316 steel to carry out more quickly the washing phases.


Plate exchanger in AISI 304, with high coefficient of exchange, simplicity and safety in sanitization and possibility to maintain the exchanger through suitable regeneration of the plate pack.