Freestanding 2,5 / 25 HL

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FLAME HEATING: The boiler is heated by a custom-made high-power burner with a modulating control valve, heat propagation jacket and flue gas extraction chimney.

STEAM HEATING: The boiler is steam heated through a TRAPCOLD jacket on the bottom and cylinder to ensure temperature homogeneity within the tank. There are no grates inside the boiler and therefore mashing is free: thus there are no stagnation zones (e.g. under grates) but the mash is evenly stirred with optimal heat exchange for high extraction and fast saccharification.

The stirrer ensures perfect stirring and thanks to its configuration allows it to be lifted during the boiling and whirlpool phase.

The whirlpool is achieved without moving the wort, by recirculating the wort after boiling with the pump via a tangential inlet


A conical-bottomed filtration vat is made separate from the boiler to be as low and wide as necessary to provide a large filtering surface area and a low bed of spent grain, equipped with a rectangular door with a removable chute to facilitate the ejection of spent grain.
Optionally we supply the accessory cutter, which improves efficiency and simplifies the filtering and discharge of the spent grain.

Grid made from solid material using a thick waterjet process, with a trapezoidal cut, guaranteeing maximum intermeshing in terms of performance, robustness and cleanliness.
Optional: double filtration level rods provide a clear indication of the internal filter situation, allowing the brewer to manage the stage with the highest possible yield and speed.


Inverter-controlled must transfer pumps with aisi 316 impeller to meet specific requirements, hot liquids, sugary liquids, solids and detergents, mounted on trolley with independent control panel.

Optional: we mount CSF pump with removable open impeller in aisi 316 steel to carry out the washing phases more quickly.


Scambiatore a piastre in aisi 304, con alto coefficiente di scambio, semplicità e sicurezza nella sanificazione e possibilità di mantenere lo scambiatore attraverso idonee operazioni di rigenerazione del pacco piastre.

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